New look to RapidKL website

RapidKL has upgraded the appearance of their website, something that has been sorely needed for many years.

This is what the website once looked like

The old design of the RapidKL website, used from 2006-2009
The old design of the RapidKL website, used from 2006-2009

Now, go to and see the difference for yourself. And for a real shock, visit and see how the folks at RapidPenang have raised the bar … again.

If you want RapidKL to keep you updated with email or sms alerts, you can become a “RapidKL member” on their website. Alternatively, RapidKL has also included RSS feeds and a twitter feed on their website. If you want to follow rapidKL, receive their tweets, and tweet back to them, please visit:

Ebi Azly Abdullah, the GM for communications at RapidKL is asking that people give feedback on the new website. You can contact RapidKL at or contact Ebi Azly at

Our first suggestion – be quick with the twitter updates. Consider the twitter posting below that discusses the recent disruption of service on the Ampang LRT line (described on our site here and here):

# Svc disruptn on Amp LRT Line due to track intrusion btw Pudu&H.Tuah stns at 9.35am.Line on degraded mode until situation resolved.6:39 PM Jul 8th from web

# Service on Amp LRT Line back to normal at 10.30am.7:18 PM Jul 8th from web

The tweets above are actually RapidKL’s first tweets. What they did right here was that they gave an update and they also gave an “all clear” message. You would be surprised how many people would forget the “all clear” message leaving people to think that service is still disrupted.

But as you can see from the timings (in bold type), their updates were quite late. Acceptable for the first tweet, but not acceptable for a day to day practice.

But that said, we wish RapidKL the best of luck. Openness in communication will definitely be helpful for them, for us, and for commuters.

2 replies on “New look to RapidKL website”

Guess folks at RapidKL doesn’t quite understand what Twitter is all about yet. They use it as an announcement service rather than giving live update.

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