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FT Minister ‘reaches out’

TRANSIT took note of this feel-good article today.

Friday May 29, 2009
Nong Chik reaches out via Facebook

FEDERAL Territories Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin is on Facebook. His move in joining the international social network popularised all over the world is simple.

“I want my actions to be transparent and touch base with the people on a personal level,” he said during an exclusive interview with Star Metro at his office in Putrajaya right after his first facebook hour with the public.

Nong Chik said he planned to get a BlackBerry next in order to keep up with updates on the happenings on Facebook.Those interested in interacting with Nong Chik can touch base with him every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm where he will answer questions live on Facebook. The public can alternatively log on to or Send the message of public transport to him.


We appreciate the gesture by the Federal Territories Minister – and hope that this will be more than just a publicity action. Having to become a fan on Facebook in order to contact him doesn’t make us feel too happy so we will stick to email or visiting his website.

TRANSIT intends to make use of this opportunity and make contact with the Federal Territories Minister to give him feedback and suggestions directly.

We would very much appreciate it if readers could do the same.

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