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CVLB’s Markiman Kobiran on NST Live (20 May 2009)

While Moaz from TRANSIT was being interviewed (along with transport planner Goh Bok Yen) for NST’s Cross Talk segment, the director of the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board, Markiman Kobiran, was participating in the NSTLive interview segment.

You can see the description and the questions and answers at this posting: NSTLive with Datuk Markiman Kobiran: Higher bus, taxi fares soon

Here are some interesting excerpts:

Asked if bus and taxi companies deserved a fare hike despite the countless complaints against them, he said: “There are still some good taxi and bus drivers.

“By increasing the fare, we hope to retain these good drivers and maybe increase their number.”

He said there were also many bus and taxi companies who adhere to the rules and regulations.

“They also play their part in improving the quality of public transport and the safety of passengers.”

there are only 58 enforcement officers in the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board. And its chairman, Datuk Markiman Kobiran, thinks this is not enough to enforce the Road Traffic Act in Peninsular Malaysia.

Najee: Datuk, could you please enlighten us on the enforcement areas that fall under the jurisdiction of CVLB?

Markiman: Our enforcement jurisdiction covers offences relating to permits only. Other offences such as reckless driving, speeding and accidents are under the Road Transport Department and police. Excessive smoke emissions is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environment.

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