Announcement: Upcoming changes to TRANSIT’s website


Dear readers

TRANSIT appreciates the role of the community in improving public transport – it is our role to empower the community and spread knowledge about public transport.

We hope that better community involvement will lead to better public transport – along with better quality of life and better communities.

In keeping with this committment, TRANSIT is working hard to improve ourselves and our connections with the community at large.

We hope that these improvements will be embraced by you, our readers, and we hope that we can count on you for ideas, comments and feedback.

Website updates

Part of the plan for changes includes improvements to our website. We hope to make it easier for you, the reader, to access knowledge about public transport, as well as to share feedback and give comments.

Over the next few weeks and months we hope to include the following changes or updates:

  • Updates to proposals in our proposals page – with pages designed to encourage comments and feedback
  • Better background information about public transport including services, available technologies, planning, etc.
  • Links to public transport studies and plans, city plans, traffic plans, and other proposals from Malaysia and other parts of the world
  • Updates on the Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) page – so that you will know more about TRANSIT, about the activities TRANSIT is participating in and who we are meeting with.
  • Improved FAQ page to help answer questions about public transport, especially in Malaysia
  • More stories about public transport from local public transport users
  • More stories about public transport and ideas from other countries

We hope that these changes will help create a new awareness for public transport in Malaysia with the ultimate goal of making things easier, faster and more comfortable for you, the public transport user.

Kind Regards

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

on behalf of TRANSIT

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