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New Trams for Toronto

Occasionally the Datuk Bandar of KL resurrects a proposal to build trams in the city to reduce traffic congestion. Predictably, the proposal is shot down – often with comments suggesting that the trams would cause congestion, or that trams are old and nostalgic and not “real public transport” which usually means costly LRT or MRT that does not “interfere with traffic”

Most of these comments are based on a real ignorance of what trams can do. In their modern incarnation as light rail vehicles, trams are high capacity, comfortable, universally accessible, technologically advanced and fast – vehicles like these can see in great cities all over the world.

TRANSIT member Moaz is from Toronto (Canada), and he follows public transport issues over there as well. He has been excited about the purchase of new Light-Rail Vehicles by the City of Toronto to replace their old fleet.

The City was looking at 2 options, the Flexity model offered by Bombardier, and the Combino model offered by Siemens.

Bombardier Flexity design for Toronto (image courtesy of Bombardier)
Bombardier Flexity design proposed (and chosen) for Toronto (image courtesy of Bombardier)
Siemens Combino design proposed for Toronto (image courtesy of Siemens)
Siemens Combino design proposed for Toronto (image courtesy of Siemens)

– for those of you who do not know, Bombardier is the maker of KL’s Kelana Jaya (PUTRA) line trains, while Siemens is the maker of the Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains for the Airport Express Rail line –

On April 24 the Toronto Transit Commission recommended the Bombardier Flexity model. Discussion and information has spread throughout the news and discussion forums and blogs.

Please enjoy the following links:

The Streetcar redefined, Bombardier’s project website for Toronto, has images, information, and videos.

Images of the Bombardier Flexity from Bombardier’s website:

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2 replies on “New Trams for Toronto”

I think it’s worth mentioning the Alstom Citadis tramway, which is currently the #1 in terms of worldwide sellings if my memory serves me well.

Good point – Alstom did not compete for this particular bid in Toronto but it does offer a very popular tram in the Citadis that can be found in cities all over the world.

TRANSIT will look for a link to the Citadis tram for those who would like more information.


Moaz Yusuf Ahmad
on behalf of TRANSIT

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