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Article: RapidKL’s Q-system

TRANSIT noted this article in today’s Star paper.

Monday February 23, 2009

RapidKL’s Q-system has passengers lining up to board the buses


WALKING along Jalan Sultan Mohd and Pasar Seni bus hubs used to be a trying experience for some, what with the high volume of human traffic in the area. However, things have take[n] a turn for the better nowadays even if the facilities may not be at its best.

Both bus hubs service 20,000 passengers daily with more than 10 routes at Jalan Sultan Mohd and six routes at the Pasar Seni hub. With more than 60 buses plying the routes and stationed at the Jalan Sultan Mohd and Pasar Seni hubs, chaos were once the order of the day with uncontrollable crowd and even cases of people falling off the buses in their haste to get into them.

As a solution to this predicament, the RapidKL introduced a Q-system on Nov 18, 2008. The system that required passengers to line up before boarding the bus has reduced the number of accidents that arises from unnecessary pushing and shoving.

Traffic coordinators (TCs) are at hand to manage the crowd and ensure that they queue and wait for their turn to board the bus. However, the disabled and elderly folk are given first priority to board the bus.

Passengers, who had been using the bus hubs for years applauded RapidKL’s new system. “It is good that they have implemented the system. Now the older generation can take the public transport without any hassle,” Nursyafenaz Ariffin, 20, from Klang said. Multimedia University (MMU) CyberJaya student, Lim Chia Syen, 20, who hails from Penang said that the system was very efficient. “I use this hub every week and I think it’s very good that they have started this system. It’s good for everyone, “ he said.

RapidKL senior general manager for bus operations Zoolina Mohd Naim said that they would have to closely monitor the system first before introducing it to other locations. “So far places like KL Sentral uses the system for two routes. Now we are thinking of Titiwangsa and are working with the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to implement it soon,” she said.

Each lane is divided for a different route. Some of the lanes have been cordoned off with a yellow barricade to ensure that passengers wait within the barricades. Zoolina added that there were times the TCs and drivers had to deal with rude passengers, who thought that the TCs were too harsh and abrupt. “It is not that we are rude or harsh but sometimes we have to shout in order to be heard above the noise in the hub,” she said.

Despite the efficacy of the Q-system, the bus hubs managed by the DBKL are still in need of facelifts. The roof of the current bus stop is not wide enough to cater for the large number of passengers in the area. “When it rains, the water from the roof splashes onto the passengers waiting outside the bus stop,” Mastura Sharuddin, 28, an accountant said. She added that the DBKL should think of upgrading the hubs for the benefit of the people. RapidKL said they were working closely with the DBKL as well as other local councils to address certain issues related to their routes and hubs as well.


It is about time! But the real issue is not going to be the queueing system. The problem is unreliable, infrequent service.  If people know that their bus is on time and the bus service is reliable, they will queue

Consider the photo below as an example.

TRANSIT notes the orderly queueing of the waiting passengers at the KL-Seremban bus stand. No Q-System here!
TRANSIT notes the orderly queueing of the waiting passengers at the KL-Seremban bus stand. No Q-System here!


But, we can applaud RapidKL for their efforts in doing a little bit to improve the nightmare at Klang bus stand.

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